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Mandla Reuter

"Untitled", 2009, adaptation for mezzterra11 - flat gallery

Courtesy of the artist, Boros Collection, Berlin and Francesca Minini, Milan

September 18 — November 30, 2016

The show of Mandla Reuter with a documentation image of his installation at Boros collection, Berlin, especially adapted for mezzaterra11 - flat gallery, creates paradoxical relations between his work and the project space: heavy weight and paper lightness; institution and experimental space; reality and illusion. Additionally, his work takes a position of the threshold between private (Boros collection) and public (facing the street) as the flat gallery does.

Mandla Reuter (b.1975) is a South Africa born installation artist, currently living and working in Berlin. Reuter explores the relation between art and the place; and he questions how art can be newly contextualized, produced, exhibited in the art system in order to create atypical experiences and atmosphere. By alienating the environment and its original narrative, his works evoke a surreal, poetic, and ironic sentiment.

mezzaterra11 – flat gallery is a conceptual project space that opens up new interpretations on documentation images of contemporary artworks, by creating meta-linguistic translation as a white cube is compressed to be flat. International artists are invited to present their work with one image that is selected, adapted, and ultimately, printed for the space as a format of a solo show.