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Stefanos Tsivopoulos

"History Zero", 2013, production stills, adaptation for mezzaterra11 - flat gallery

Courtesy of the artist, Kalfayan Galleries, Athens and Prometeo Gallery, Milan

June 21 — August 31, 2015

Stefanos Tsivopoulos (b.1973) is an interdisciplinary artist and a filmmaker based in Amsterdam and Athens. Tsivopoulos introduces three selected images, as a special adaptation for mezzaterra11 – flat gallery, from History Zero, a film in 3 episodes (2013), that was in representation for the Pavilion of Greece at the 55th Venice Biennial, Italy, 2013. The film depicts the diverse mundane experiences of three people–a senile art collector, a young African immigrant, and a foreign artist–in Athens; and how these strangers’ lives are indifferently but ultimately intertwined in which it is poetically interwoven in a Mobius strip of human relation and the growing dichotomy of sociopolitical, economical and cultural hierarchy.

mezzaterra11 – flat gallery is a conceptual project space that opens up new interpretations on documentation images of contemporary artworks, by creating meta-linguistic translation as a white cube is compressed to be flat. International artists are invited to present their work with one image that is selected, adapted, and ultimately, printed for the space as a format of a solo show.